Sunday service

We broadcast a new Sunday service every week, which you can watch below or on our YouTube channel. can download a sermon listening sheet above if you find it helpful. We’ve also included some questions for reflection and additional Bible readings for this week’s service below.

Please note: This week’s service will be broadcast live at 11am.

Questions for Reflection

1. What fears and expressions of despair have you heard in the media or from friends recently?
2. How does this psalm encourage us to take refuge in the Lord?
3. How do times of difficulty reveal the genuineness of our faith in Jesus?
4. What will it look like for you to “take refuge” in the Lord during the latest lockdown?
5. What do you most need to remember from this psalm in the week to come?


Children’s Resources

See our collection of children’s resources on our Junior Church page.

Read the Bible Through the Week

Many of the psalms were composed in response to trials, crises or challenging situations, and we may find them particularly relevant in our current circumstances. We’ll continue our journey through the psalms this week.

Monday – Psalm 12
A lament about the widespread presence of falsehood in society. Why is lying such an issue in this psalm? How does the psalm describe the “words of the Lord”? How does this description encourage us when we’re faced with conflicting human voices during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Tuesday – Psalm 13
Here the psalm writer feels that he has reached the limit of what he can cope with. How does he pray to God in his distress? Where does he put his confidence in the final verses? How might this psalm shape our prayers at the moment?

Wednesday – Psalm 14
Another lament about the widespread presence of godlessness in society. What does folly look like, according to this psalm? Some of these words are quoted in Romans 3:9-18. How does Paul use this psalm in his argument? How should Psalm 14 humble us?

Thursday – Psalm 15
This psalm describes the character of those who are welcomed into God’s presence in worship. What are the key aspects of this description? If none of us perfectly meet this standard, how can we worship God? As people who are “righteous” in Christ, we should still. seek to do what is right, even though we will sometimes fail. Pray about one aspect of the description here, that it would be more of a reality in your life.

Friday – Psalm 16
A description of taking refuge in the Lord. What reasons does this psalm give for trusting God? “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places” – how is this true in your life? Spend some time praising God for the blessings that are yours, even in a pandemic!