Sunday service

We broadcast a new Sunday service every week at 11am, which you can watch below or on our YouTube channel. You can download a sermon listening sheet above if you find it helpful. We’ve also included some questions for reflection and additional Bible readings for this week’s service below.

Questions for Reflection

These will appear on Sunday morning.

Children’s Resources

See our growing collection of children’s resources on our Junior Church page.

Read the Bible Through the Week

In Exodus 6, the Lord points Moses to the bigger picture of what he is doing. Let’s journey through some other passages that give us a wide view of God’s actions in history.

Monday – Nehemiah 9
A prayer of confession after the walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt. What words and ideas do the people repeat in this prayer as they look back on history? What truths about God encourage them to confess their sin? Use this prayer to inspire your own prayers today.

Tuesday – Psalm 106
Like Nehemiah 9, this psalm looks back at the patience God has shown to his people. How has God shown his patience in each period of history here? How has he shown his patience to you? Repeating verse 1 might be a good response here!

Wednesday – Isaiah 60
A prophecy of hope given to Isaiah. What does the future hold for God’s people? How do these words come true in Jesus? The chapter ends with a reminder that the Lord will act quickly, at the right time. Do you need to remember this at the moment?

Thursday – John 1:1-34
Our introduction to John the Baptist. How did he understand his place in God’s story? How does he “bear witness that this is the Son of God” (verse 34)? How can you bear witness about this same Son?

Friday – Ephesians 1:1-14
Paul takes us from eternity past (“before the foundation of the world”) to eternity future (the possession of our inheritance). Do you understand your life story as part of this bigger story? How can you remind yourself of this in the week to come?